Registration is Open for SONC’s Over the Edge Challenge Oct. 1

Register to rappel a 30-story skyscraper in Downtown Raleigh—if you have the guts.

Think you have what it takes to rappel a 30-story skyscraper in Downtown Raleigh? Take the plunge via Special Olympics North Carolina (SONC)’s annual Over the Edge challenge! 

Scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 1, Over the Edge allows thrill-seekers to raise money for SONC solo or in teams ($1,000 minimum req. to rappel) to test their limits by scaling down the Wells Fargo Capitol Center building in DTR. 

Having defied gravity since 2010, the challenge mirrors the adversities those with intellectual disabilities face on a daily basis, whether on the field, in the pool or on the court. And if the adrenaline rush and feel-good factor don’t grab you, there’s always the views for days (or, well, floors).  

To date, SONC has raised $9.2K, but hopes this year’s event will reach a total of $100,000, all to benefit its mission of cultivating sports opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities. So even if yrappelling down a tower isn’t your thing (we don’t blame you), you can still contribute to the cause by donating to an individual or corporate team fundraiser. Ready to take the plunge?! Register here.

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