Some teachers, students stay home after student threatened teacher at Carrboro middle school

Some teachers, students stay home after student threatened teacher at Carrboro middle school

Following a threatening incident involving a student at McDougle Middle School in Carrboro last week, nearly two dozen staff members did not report to work on Monday. A total of twenty-three staff absences were recorded, with seventeen attributed to concerns over school safety, as communicated by a spokesperson.

Principal Chris Horne addressed the heightened absences in a message to the school community, informing them of the anticipated increase in staff nonattendance. The situation prompted some parents to retrieve their children from school early, particularly after reports emerged that the student involved in last week’s threat was present on Monday.

Horne assured that a threat assessment team had evaluated the situation, with a school resource officer stationed on campus throughout the day. Additionally, increased adult supervision in hallways and enhanced classroom check-ins were implemented as precautionary measures.

Acknowledging the delicate balance between safety and student privacy, Chapel Hill and Carrboro City Schools spokesperson Andy Jenks emphasized the district’s efforts to address concerns while respecting privacy boundaries. However, concerns lingered among staff members regarding the perceived seriousness of the threat and the adequacy of support provided to the student in question.

Despite criticisms of the safety plan’s sustainability and dissatisfaction with the district’s response, Jenks emphasized the importance of considering the welfare of all individuals within the school environment. He underscored the collaborative effort required to navigate such challenging situations and foster a shared understanding among stakeholders.

While substitute teachers and additional staff filled in for the absent personnel on Monday, ensuring no disruption to classes, Tuesday was designated as a teacher work day at the school.

In response to the incident, Carrboro police confirmed the filing of a juvenile petition against the student for threats of mass violence on an educational property, further highlighting the gravity of the situation.