William Peace University Launches New Esports and Gaming Lab

WEB EXCLUSIVE Console yourself. William Peace University is leveling up, opening its new esports and gaming lab for students to work…  and play!

Here’s news sure to make every gamer grin… video gaming is growing in popularity, and even universities are taking notice. We gave you the scoop over the summer about William Peace University’s two newest bachelor programs: Interactive Design and ESports, and Gaming Administration that launched last fall. Now, the school is opening its very own esports and gaming lab.

The lab includes gaming desktops, comfy gaming chairs and two large wall monitors. Each gaming station is equipped with its own set of headphones, an RGB keyboard and a pro-level controller. 

The university’s Esports and Gaming Administration and Interactive Design majors will use the lab, along with WPU’s two esports teams, Rocket League and Valorant. Both teams are prepping to regularly compete this semester. 

“I am absolutely ecstatic to launch the lab and provide a top-notch experience for our students,” said Roger Christman, department chair of Communications and Simulation & Game Design. “At WPU, we believe in immersive learning—learning by doing. This lab enables our students to dig in and create games, play them, and learn about the industry with the latest technology. I’m so thrilled to see our students getting this amazing education and experience.” 

Clearly positioning themselves at the head of the class, Peace is at the forefront of a gaming and esports revolution. As we’ve covered, the gaming industry continues to grow exponentially. In fact, a recent Forbes ranking now places Raleigh as the second-hottest area in the U.S. for tech jobs, calling it an emerging frontrunner in the esports gaming community. And doubling down on our position in the esports economy, if you will, the latest two-year state budget passed included $28 million for esports ventures and $10 million to help bring more esports events to NC. 
Essentially, the gaming industry in North Carolina—and Raleigh in particular—is getting out of control… in the best way possible. And to that we say, game on.

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