Investing in Our Community’s Future: Why the Library Bond Referendum Matters

Investing in Our Community's Future: Why the Library Bond Referendum Matters

​As we approach the upcoming November elections, Wake County voters will have the opportunity to vote on a $142 million bond referendum aimed at enhancing and expanding our local library facilities across Wake County.

This bond referendum, if approved, will fund a series of projects designed to meet the growing needs of our county by implementing a $131 tax increase on the median home price in Wake County (.25-cent tax increase per $100 of assessed valuation).
Projects include:

  • Construction of 2 new libraries in fast-growing areas, including Rolesville’s first local library ($51.9 million)
  • Renovation and expansion of 9 existing libraries to improve accessibility and enhance services ($55.6 million)
  • Replacements of the Wendell Community Library and the Athens Drive Community Library ($34.5 million)

These investments mark the first bond funding dedicated to Wake County libraries since 2007. This investment ensures our libraries remain vibrant community spaces by providing access to educational resources, cultural enrichment, and services for all residents.

Our libraries are more than just buildings—they are catalysts for economic development and essential contributors to a high quality of life. They support lifelong learning, workforce development, and innovation, making our region more attractive to businesses and families. A well-funded library system enhances property values, supports workforce readiness, and fosters a culture of innovation—all critical elements for Wake County to remain one of the fastest-growing counties in the country. By investing in our libraries, we invest in the future competitiveness and attractiveness of our community for businesses and residents alike.

For detailed information on the proposed projects and how you can get involved, please visit the official Wake County Government website.

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