Top 10 Questions About Bus Rapid Transit: Answered

Top 10 Questions About Bus Rapid Transit: Answered

​The Raleigh Chamber Foundation received a grant from the City of Raleigh Public Project Community Support Fund to provide support to business owners and managers as construction of the new bus rapid transit (BRT) route begins on New Bern Avenue. At a recent workshop, business owners had the opportunity to ask questions about the project:

Top 10 Questions Business Owners Have About Bus Rapid Transit

​10My business is located downtown where there are dedicated BRT lanes. Can delivery trucks park in the BRT lane in front of my business to unload?
          Yes, delivery trucks can temporarily park in the BRT lane. BRT buses will go around them.

9—What is the city’s plan for security at BRT stops?
          BRT stops will be equipped with security cameras and 24-hour lighting both under a stop’s shelter and around
          the stop.

8—What is the plan to keep the stops, and areas around the stops, clean?
          The Wake Transit Plan includes ongoing funding for cleaning maintenance at and near BRT stops.

7—How do I find out more about the Transit Overlay District zoning changes?
          Detailed information is available here, and a map is available here.

6—Are there fewer BRT stops on New Bern Avenue compared to the current #15 bus route?
          Yes, but the addition of new sidewalks and multi-purpose paths on both sides of New Bern Avenue will make
          traveling between stops much easier.

5—Why is so much utility work needed for the BRT route?
          About a dozen utility companies will move elements of their infrastructure to accommodate the new BRT stops
          and for improvements to curbs and gutters. The City of Raleigh is taking this opportunity to upgrade many of its
          public water, sewer, and communication systems in the area.

4—Many cars travel well above the speed limit on New Bern Avenue; what is the plan to slow traffic down to make the route safer for drivers and pedestrians?
          Major intersections will be upgraded with new signals and crossing features to improve safety for pedestrians
          using the corridor and accessing the BRT stations. New sidewalks and wide multiuse paths on either side of New
          Bern Avenue will separate pedestrian and cyclist traffic from car traffic, making it safer for everyone.

3—How will the City notify me if the entrance to my business will be blocked by construction, or if there will be impacts to parking for my customers?
          Businesses on the corridor that are anticipated to experience impacts to their entrance and parking spaces on
          their property have already been contacted during the real estate acquisition phase of the project, which is now
          complete. Some on-street parking may be impacted temporarily during construction or permanently following
          completion of construction. You can find out more at the pre-construction meeting. You can register to attend the
          pre-construction meeting for business owners and managers at

2—I understand there will be a Park and Ride lot for commuters at the New Hope Road BRT stop. How many parking spaces will be in the lot?
          There will be about 100 parking spaces.

1 – When will construction begin?
          The City of Raleigh is waiting for final approval of the BRT project by the NC Dept. of Transportation. 

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