Diaper Train Bottles Up Diaper Poverty Via Sept. 15 Event

Helping change families’ lives one diaper at a time is Diaper Train’s annual Bottoms Up fundraiser.

Seeking a pamper party with purpose? … Unfolding Sept. 15, go Bottoms Up for Diaper Train’s fundraising event featuring BBQ, music and an all-around good time. Proceeds from the soiree will benefit the Raleigh-based nonprofit’s mission to bottle up diaper poverty in our local community. Read: Your attendance will help provide approximately 500,000 diapers annually to Wake County families in need… because no family should have to worry about where their tot’s next diaper will come from. 

“We believe a diaper can change a life,” says Diaper Train Executive Director Katie Landi—“and the proceeds from Bottoms Up help us do just that.”

Diaper poverty doesn’t discriminate. It hits families from all walks of life grappling with unexpected financial setbacks—and it’s a crisis with far-reaching consequences. Let’s face it—raising a child is expensive. Diapers may seem like a small expense, but babies go through eight to 12 diapers a day, equalling ~2,800 diapers during their first year of life alone. 

Beyond the financial strain, diaper deprivation directly impacts the emotional health of parents and children alike. Babies wearing dirty diapers are at risk of rashes and other health concerns, while their parents experience stress, guilt and a sense of helplessness due to the situation. That’s where Diaper Train comes in. Established in 2011, the diaper bank is the only organization exclusively serving Wake County, operating with an MO of supplying critical basic needs (aka diapers) to help Wake County seniors and babies remain hygienic and in good health. … Ready to wipe out diaper poverty? diapertrain.org

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