Bloomberg Philanthropies Selects Raleigh for Sustainable Initiative

Bloomberg Philanthropies helping Raleigh advance green infrastructure—and leveling the playing field for all. 

“Expensive” is a phrase often used around discussions regarding infrastructure, especially when it comes to overcoming the climate change crisis. But change is on the horizon. 

Enter the Bloomberg American Sustainable Cities initiative. Launched in March to utilize local solutions so cities can build economically thriving communities with low-carbon emissions, the initiative is leveling the playing field for Raleighites and will ultimately help “close the racial wealth gap, address affordability and entrepreneurship, and build a more equitable and resilient community,” notes Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin

As one of only 25 cities selected to participate in the three-yearlong project funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, Raleigh was selected based on “the city’s leadership and ambition to build resilient equitable communities,” per the charitable org.

As part of the funding, the city will receive an innovation team (dubbed an “i-team”) to provide knowledge and direction in terms of data analysis, insight development, human-centered design and project management. Read: Amping up our city’s capability to progress toward promoting equitable outcomes and climate mitigation. The i-team will also assist Raleigh with growing leadership piloting sustainable and efficient affordable housing, equitable access to electric vehicles, and infrastructure while accelerating the transition to clean energy.

To boot, the project includes an in-depth customized policy and technical assistance in collaboration with community-based organizations and local stakeholders, thus utilizing public and private investments to achieve its goals.

Thanks to the work the city has put in up to this point, Raleigh is already a leader in pioneering solutions to overcome racial wealth inequity and climate change, with more community advancement on the way thanks to the initiative. 

“We are honored Raleigh has been selected for this program, recognizing the many innovative ways we are already tackling today’s biggest challenges,” adds Baldwin. Cheers to greener pastures and positive change for the city!

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