Ford Fry’s Highly Anticipated Superica Restaurant Opens at Fenton

¡A huevo! Whatever you thought you knew about Tex Mex fare is about to change—in the best way. Say hola to Fenton’s newest highly anticipated restaurant, Superica by celeb chef Ford Fry! The venerated (real) Tex-Mex restaurant—which got its start in Atlanta and now boasts 10 locations—is an homage to Fry’s Texas roots and his food memories there, with a menu focused on what he dubs “Tex-Mex playbook classics.” Think crispy beef tacos; cheese enchiladas with San Antonio-style chili gravy; queso fundido; and elevated dishes like wood-grilled fajitas, posole and ceviche—NTM brunch selects like huevos rancheros, tamales and eggs, and hot cakes.

In front of the opening, Fry flew in this weekend to give us a sneak peek, chat what’s behind his resto names (and how to say them)—and what might be next for him in Raleigh. Tune into our podcast, episode 29, dropping Sept. 27, to eavesdrop on this candid convo.

On Superica, he says: “We are excited to join the Fenton development and are looking forward to bringing flavors inspired by Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants in the South to the Cary community.”

And, of course, you can’t do Tex-Mex without drinks. Find beer, wine, margaritas aplenty (we’re eyeing The Tempest: a mix of tequila, mezcal, triple sec, agave nectar, fresh lime juice and Cowboy Gringo hot sauce!), and other refreshing cocktails made with Texas-made spirits and agave spirits. 

Superica’s atmosphere will complement the overall Tex-Mex theme as well. Designed in conjunction with Smith Hanes (who also designed other Superica locations around the South), the new location boasts a colorful, energetic vibe reminiscent of Texas dance halls with a mix of unique artwork and vintage elements—and a spacious outdoor patio to boot (!). 

“The atmosphere of the Old West has been preserved for the enjoyment of all guests,” says Fry, “and we want Superica to be a place where people can come with their friends and have a good time while enjoying the flavors and vibe of an old Texas dance hall or cafe.” Bienvenidos!

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