Glasshouse Kitchen is Slated to Open This Summer

The team behind Wye Hill is opening a new concept.

Research Triangle is about to become a major dining destination thanks to the forthcoming Glasshouse Kitchen (slated to open late summer)—and not just for those who commute to and from the area, but for the Triangle as a whole. 

Located within a stunningly gorgeous building boasting three sides of floor-to-ceiling windows (hence the name), Glasshouse was born of the team behind Wye Hill Kitchen & Brewing, who realized the great potential Research Triangle has—what with 50,000-plus hungry employees descending upon the area for work and, until now, no full-service eateries in sight. Never mind the staggering amount of people who are moving to the ZIP code on the daily. 

“Research Triangle is a region that has been— for a very, very long time—underserved in terms of full-service dining options,” says co-owner Sara Abernethy, “and as someone who used to be an employee there, I can personally attest to how annoying that was. So it was such an exciting opportunity for us.” With a nod to wildly successful Wye Hill, she adds, “and the same way we felt that Wye Hill was creating a destination for Downtown Raleigh, we see that opportunity here in the Research Triangle to really create a destination.” 

Glasshouse Kitchen
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Now if you don’t work in Research Triangle (you probably know it as RTP, but Research Triangle Park is an organization, while Research Triangle is the region associated with the ZIP code)—before you go flipping the page assuming this doesn’t apply to you, read on. Glasshouse is absolutely a go-to that needs to be on your roster. The team behind the chic chef-forward spot avers that, beyond the food, the locale itself is a draw—its unique and serene ag-tech campus surrounds almost like an oasis. 

“There’s nothing like it anywhere,” explains Abernethy. “Everything about it from the moment you drive into the campus… it’s just an invitation to be superduper present. We’re on the frontier of hospitality here; this is an opportunity—and we can’t wait for people to join us and experience it for themselves.”

And those serene surrounds carry through to Glasshouse’s interior, where those floor-to-ceiling windows, coupled with lush greenery throughout, impart diners with that alfresco feel, which, says Abernethy, “will feel like an extension of the outside world in the dining room—without the annoyances of being outside.” And for those who prefer the literal outdoor experience, patio seating awaits, complete with fire pits and a bocce court (Sunday Funday, anyone?). 

The impressive food program only adds to Glasshouse’s allure. A joint effort by WH Hospitality company chef Bobby McFarland and Executive Chef Savannah Miller, who, before joining the Glasshouse team, worked at M Tempura for almost four years, the menu is crafted as approachable-casual—“a really fine line to travel,” says Abernethy—and one that “doesn’t take itself too seriously,” adds McFarland… but will certainly have you returning for more.

Pizza will be a huge draw given Glasshouse’s “crazy awesome pizza oven,” pumping out a cross between New York- and Neapolitan-style pies—a best-of-both-worlds dough McFarland has worked on perfecting for a few years now. Beyond that slice of heaven, find a sandwich-heavy menu at lunch and a small plates-forward menu at dinner (plus brunch ops!). Miller adds that the dishes will also lean into the ag-tech campus environs.

Add to that an element of play and delight that Abernethy and co-owner Chris Borreson go for in all of the menus they create for their hospitality group. “Bobby really gets that, and he knows how to bring that to the dishes really beautifully. … And then adding Savannah’s skill set into the mix and her particularly unique talents for the eclectic and upscale posh concept that Glasshouse will be—it’s gonna be a dynamite combination.”

And—given it’s the Wye Hill team—you can be sure spirits are, well, plenty spirited. The craft cocktail program is a draw all its own, with a focus on fun, irreverent twists on the classics—“we’re absolutely bringing back the cosmopolitan,” says Abernethy. Not to mention a comprehensive wine menu (Abernethy is recently WSET-certified Level 3 and will spotlight both NC selections and wines from throughout the globe at Glasshouse) and local beer (Wye Hill beer will be on tap, natch). So, in essence, you’ve got the ultimate trifecta of exceptional food, drink and atmosphere. One that’s definitely worth the hop to Research Triangle.

“It’s not just about getting people to come,” says Miller. “I actually think people aren’t going to want to leave.” Adds Abernethy, “Once you come here, you’ll understand.”

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