Pantone Color of the Year Very Peri Inspires Inventive Interiors

These are transformative times. And shedding new light on our future, this year’s Pantone Color of the Year Very Peri at once heralds an inquisitive, intriguing and empowering mix of innovation while enlivening our creative spirit and encouraging inventiveness to help us “embrace this altered landscape of possibilities, [and] open us up to a new vision as we rewrite our lives.” Merging what blue oft represents (faithful, constant) with the energy of red, the novel dynamic periwinkle hue with its vivid violet red undertone adds shades of new perspective that resonate with the here and now to inspiring effect. So as we bust out of the shackles of isolation, this “happiest and warmest of all blue hues”—with its laidback confidence and bold curiosity—is intended to help us “embrace this altered landscape of possibilities… opening us up to a new vision as we rewrite our lives.” Looks like the future is pretty lit. 

“Veri Peri is an unassuming shade with lots of potential. Pantone chose a periwinkle shade with blue undertones and a slight energy of red to bring playfulness and personality to any space while still being soft enough to use in bedrooms.”

 –Tula Summerford, Design by Tula,

“Not blue, not purple, this is one of the freshest colors on the 2022 horizon. Think of summer hydrangeas and one of my favorite blooms, the iris, and you will immediately know the feeling you get from this royal color. It pairs well with greens and yellows of any shade.”

–Judy Pickett, Design Lines Signature,

“California Lilac is an upbeat twist on blue that I’d love to use in an entry for a joyful welcome.”

–Sally L. Williams, Colorful Concepts Interior Design, 

“Periwinkle is a deeply nuanced hue that offers great flexibility in decorating because it can be paired with so many other colors—yellows, greens, pinks and reds, chocolate browns, taupes, and grays. It would be perfectly darling in little a girl’s room, but can just as easily work in a sophisticated application like a moody study or a glamorous bedroom.”  

–Cameron Jones, Cameron Jones Interiors,

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