Raleigh’s Top Venues Amass Massive Economic Impact

A duo of Raleigh’s top music venues have a major economic impact on the city.

Feeling amped for concert season? Raleigh sure is. City of Oaks’ two go-to music hubs, Red Hat Amphitheater and Coastal Credit Union Music Park at Walnut Creek, recently clocked in a whopping $40 million in economic impact for our city (!). 

Part of The Complex, both bustling venues teamed up with Live Nation to host some of the top touring artists in the world (hey, Noah Kahan!), rocking out with 300,000+ fans across a combined 60 concerts during 2023.

“Over the years, the concerts have become much more diverse,” says The Complex Director and General Manager Kerry Painter. “It really has given us a great chance to show all kinds of talent coming up.”

Naturally, fans are flocking to partake in Raleigh’s vibrant music scene, fostering that record-breaking economic impact by booking local hotels, dining at some of the city’s best restaurants and bars, and funneling moolah toward transportation and retail.

“The restaurants will tell you they know there’s a Monday night concert just by the surge of people in the restaurant,” notes Painter.

Red Hat Amphitheater
Red Hat Amphitheater

And each venue boasts something special. Nestled in the heart of DTR, Red Hat offers that signature urban ambiance, stacked lineup, 6,000 open-air seats and a VIP Lounge—with concertgoers anticipating the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Lainey Wilson, and Tate McCrae performing this season. Meanwhile, Coastal Credit Union Music Park stands as a staple amid the local music scene via the legends that have taken—and will take—its stage, from the Foo Fighters and HARDY to Hozier and Alanis Morissette. 

“Red Hat has a lot of bands that are up-and-coming because it’s 6,000 seats,” elaborates Painter. “They get the chance to play there, and next thing you know, they’re at an 18,000-seat amp.”

What’s more, Raleigh’s amphitheaters have witnessed underground bands rise in popularity—with Painter nodding to the likes of Death Cab for Cutie playing at Red Hat the past few years and now moving on to perform at Walnut Creek. 

“We’re so proud to be part of Raleigh’s incredible growth story and to play a vital role in the city’s dynamic entertainment scene,” says Live Nation’s Regional VP of Venue Operations Jeannine Beson. “We take pride in making these venues better each season and partnering with the city to make Raleigh a destination for live music fans.” So, go on and grab your tickets, music lovers… this year’s concerts are sure to be groovy!

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