Resident-Only Parking Zones Come to Glenwood Avenue

If you thought parking was a problem on Glenwood South before—wait for it. The city recently approved resident-only parking zones on several blocks both on and directly off of Glenwood Avenue. The 800 & 900 blocks of Glenwood (near Peace Street), and the 500 blocks of side streets Cleveland and Tilden are now Residential “H” Permit Zones (Devereux Street is already H Zone)—and residents will have to apply for permits. The move comes after many residents of the bustling district complained to the city about not being able to find parking near their own homes (not to mention disturbances like noise, trash, etc.). With the new rule, nonresidents will no longer be allowed to park in these zones from 11pm to 7am on any day. Given Glenwood South’s recent surge in popularity—arguably surpassing its prepandemic status—and its void of parking possibilities, the new zoning will either just push the problem down the street, or worse, detract would-be Glenwood South-goers and negatively impact businesses in the borough. And with the potential to make area parking even less plentiful, city leaders voted in March to eliminate parking minimums for new developments, regardless of size (as previously allotted). But, hey, there’s always still Uber…

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