The Ghost Guild Is Exploring the Unknown and Paranormal in NC

After hearing past reports of unusual experiences at Logan’s Garden Shop, The Ghost Guild, a nonprofit org composed of “professional, dependable and committed individuals with a love for history, science and the unexplained,” figured now would be the perfect time to investigate the historical building (!).

Logan’s Garden Shop, within Seaboard Station, is just one site in North Carolina where paranormal activity has been reported (hang tight for the report from the investigation to be released in early November). Just within the state, The Ghost Guild—which is on a mission to investigate such reports of unexplained paranormal activity in an attempt to better explain yet-to-be-solved mysteries in historically significant locations, plus help historical sites with preservation efforts—has explored 28 different sites (seven in Raleigh!), including old plantations, jails, theaters and more.

“We saw an opportunity to help sites of cultural and historical significance through paranormal investigations and our love for research into history, legends and science,” says The Ghost Guild Executive Director and co-founder Nelson Nauss.

The Ghost Guild’s investigations are science-based, meaning they observe data, form hypotheses, and try to explain the situations and observations before starting experiences—um, looking at you, Ghost Hunters. … “We don’t depend on the devices made popular by TV shows, especially devices that cannot be easily reviewed,” explains Nauss. “Sometimes TV shows use devices that are expensive and not grounded in a good process. The electronic devices we use are primarily data loggers that enable us to collect environment variables.”

You can get in on the haunting action yourself, as The Ghost Guild is offering at least three opps for the public to join an investigation to gain hands-on experience:

  • During Mordecai Historic Park’s 50th anniversary celebration on Sept. 10, attendees will be able to register to win the opportunity to join an investigation of the park in early 2023 at The Ghost Guild’s booth.
  • The Ghost Guild hosts one ticketed public investigation aboard the USS North Carolina every year (the date TBA in November).
  • Through its new partnership with The Murfreesboro Historical Association, civilian ghost hunters can enter a giveaway for two to Murfreesboro and investigate one of the properties with The Ghost Guild to help find the ghostess with the mostess. 

According to Nauss, The Ghost Guild also hopes to keep audiences engaged by sharing information about paranormal places through data, stories, history and science.

“When we share our data, we never label findings as ‘evidence’ of the paranormal; we always ask our audience to make their own conclusions, and we hope they feel like they’re part of the growing story of paranormal investigations,” he says. “We like to make our audiences—even those who think they might not like science or history—interested enough to become curious.” So, if you’re looking for a boo, this team of modern ghost hunters might be just what you need to lift your spirits.

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