KG Wilson to Newsmax: Eventually We Have ‘to Point to the Brother Man’

KG Wilson to Newsmax: Eventually We Have 'to Point to the Brother Man'

The grandfather of a 6-year-old Black girl shot in Minneapolis expressed sorrow and abject “anger” for the lack of an equivalent response from the Black community as children are being murdered in the streets, including silencing efforts when the violence is committed by Blacks.

“There will be more babies shot down and killed in the streets, and we won’t be able to point to the other man; eventually, we’re going to have to start to point to the brother man,” K.G. Wilson, who buried his granddaughter Aniya Allen, 6, on Wednesday, told Newsmax‘s “Greg Kelly Reports.” “You follow me? I’m praying and I’m hoping that this doesn’t happen to another family.”

Wilson noted to host Greg Kelly there was support for his daughter’s senseless killing in gang gunfire, but the outrage for children being shot just is not equivalent with Black Lives Matter or antifa when a grown man is killed.

“In all the years I have been a peace activist in the community has been the same thing: Nothing has changed,” Wilson said. “It’s always a hush-hush when it comes to, I guess I would say, the people of color harming, hurting, or killing other people of color in our community.

“Now, it’s all about: We can’t tell, we can’t snitch, we can’t say who hurt or killed somebody, even if it’s a small innocent child. And this is what angers me.”

Minneapolis and other American cities have been burned, looted, and rioted after the death of George Floyd a year ago, Wilson lamented, but there is an injustice in the lack of outrage when lives of “innocent children” are taken.

“I’ve heard this happening over the 50 states, where children are still being shot down, of color by, and I’m not seeing the response,” Wilson told Kelly. “Thousands and thousands of people, rally, protest, they even become destructive, and loot and burglarize and burn down stuff in response to, let’s say, white on Black or police-involved shooting.

“They can been grown men that it happens to, but no response when it’s an innocent child. Yes, it angers me, it upsets me, and it continues to anger and upsets me. And it’s been happening for so long, I just don’t even question it no more.

“I just sit back and watch and say, ‘wow, why is this happening?'”

An emotional Wilson, before expressing his anger about the injustice of his granddaughter’s killing and the lack of public outcry, told Kelly he wished this was a nightmare he could wake up from.

“I’m not really good; I’m hurt; I’m heartbroken,” he said.

“Just being in the presence of my 6-year-old granddaughter in a casket and then her being lowered into the ground, it’s just a nightmare that I won’t want anybody to have to feel to be real.

“One thing is a dream and you wake up and it’s not true and you talk about it, but for it actually to be true, and you actually stand over your granddaughter, and I was able to kiss her goodbye. No, I’m not feeling good at all.

“And I think the thing that really bothers me is not, still, having no justice or no closure as I sit here right now and talk to you.”

Minneapolis police have yet to be able to find the shooters to give her justice, Wilson said.

“I’m hoping that no more children are taken or shot killed by these same individuals who are out here right now, who have not been arrested, who have not been apprehended,” he added.

Wilson remembers his granddaughter as “one of the most precious, inspiring angels that God could have sent down here from the heavens.”

“She will truly be missed: The smile, of the peace that she brought to our family,” he said. “And anybody who would have been in her presence, I can guarantee if she would have stayed here, you would have heard about her, probably been interviewing her for being one of Minneapolis’ powerful, female Black leaders.

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