Get in the Spirit With These 3 Festive Flora Holiday Selects

Get in the spirit with these 3 festive flora holiday selects.

Christmas Cactus
If all you want is a white Christmas, let it grow with these winter-flowering easy-to-tend-to prickly-but-sweet plants. Or up the festive factor with red, pink or purple (!) blooms—pretty fly for a cacti.
Shop the trend: Copperline Plant Co.

Waxed Amaryllis
Two words: no water. These spirited wax-dipped bulbs are the no-fuss holiday gift that keeps on giving for the black thumbs—or overbooked preoccupied propagators—in your life. Shop the trend: Homewood Nursery & Garden Center

Spring is always in view with these winter-blooming snow-white daffodil relatives. For Thanksgiving decor, plant early November or just after Turkey Day for tiny fragrant blooms to freshen up your holiday festivities. Shop the trend: Logan’s Garden Shop

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